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How to Choose Best VPN For Your Needs?

Use of internet for personal as well as commercial use is increasing with every passing day. Both the individuals and industrialists have to send and receive a lot of sensitive data to cope with their needs. This transmission of data through internet is full of leakage risks and, therefore, people use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to secure this sensitive data. VPNs hide the details of the PC connected and also the location of the PC that is sending and receiving data. Instead, it gives an artificial IP address and shows the location of your own choice. Use of VPNs is also increasing with the passage of time. Many companies are offering VPNs services to the people all across the world. Selection of a good VPN service has always remained a problem because of innumerable available options.

Here, one thing important to mention is that selection of a good VPN service also depends on the needs of the person who intends to use this service. This is because different VPN services offer different peculiar features. However, reading this article may prove helpful for a person going to select VPN service for his personal and commercial use. One of the most important things before selecting a suitable VPN server is to assess your internet needs. This will enable you to select the best VPN service according to your needs. Secondly, you should check following things about that VPN service.

  1. The Protocol it Supports.
  2. Number of Servers and their Locations.
  3. Number of Concurrent Connections Allowed.
  4. Payment Method It Offers.

1-The Protocol It Supports

The very first and the most important feature to look for in a VPN service is the protocol that it will use. This is because the overall security of your personal data depends on the protocol being used by the VPN service. All VPN services do not run same protocol and you have to select the one with high security protocol with less overhead charges.

NordVPN Voted #1 Best VPN Service 2019

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2-Number of Servers and their Locations

Before selecting VPN service for yourself, always check how many servers the company has and where these servers are placed. This is because the servers with majority of nodes in Asia and Africa do not allow live streaming channels like Netflix and YouTube. Always go for the server with majority of nodes in countries like US and UK. The location of servers also will show you whether these will fulfill your needs or not. Never select the VPN service based in a country with which your home country does not have ties.

3-Number of Concurrent Connections Allowed

Always go for the server that allows maximum number of concurrent connections because you may need the connection on various devices in your home. Here, one thing important to mention is that you can configure various devices and separate the traffic coming to you and other family members.

4-Payment Method It Offers

A good VPN service is the one that accepts payments through various sources. This makes it easy for users to pay their bills through a convenient source. Prefer the one that accepts payment even in cryptocurrency because cryptocurrencies are becoming the tests of the day.

In conclusion, we can easily say that good VPNs offer almost all of these features to secure your personal data along with ensuring easy access.

NordVPN Voted #1 Best VPN Service 2019

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What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

One of the best discoveries of 21ST century is the internet that seems playing a crucial role in almost all the professions of life. It has removed the distances among various businesses and communities and transformed world into a global village. Along with innumerable benefits, it has also brought some security risks for individuals as well as businesses. To overcome these security risks while being online, the tech experts have discovered Virtual Private Networks. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows the users to connect other networks on the internet quite securely. A VPN connects the computer, mobile, or any other smart device to the network allowing it to use the internet connection of someone else.

A Virtual Private Network routes your device to a server and hides all your browsing activity on that network. Earlier, VPN was used by large businesses and corporations to allow the remote users connect with the network and contribute in the business. But nowadays, VPNs are not only used by the businesses but also by the individuals. This is because the devices with active internet connectivity are prone to risks.

Over the past few years, the importance of VPNs has increased because these allow users to cross geo restrictions and censorship. It hides the identity and location of the users and connects them to proxy servers thereby changing their IP addresses. Majority of the people in the world are using VPNs to watch live streaming channels like Netflix and to download torrenting files.

In a VPN network data usually flows in the form of tunnels. The users of the network have to use various authentication methods to access the network. Using passwords and tokens are some of the important methods to enter the private network. The performance of a VPN network can be affected by various factors. Speed of users’ devices, type of encryption, and protocols that the internet service provider is using are some of those factors.

How Does VPN Work?

Understanding the working of VPN is not at all difficult. Although it seems a bit difficult in the start, yet a little probe into its mechanism can make you easily understand the working of this network. In simple words we can say that VPN is a network that encrypts your data before your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Wi-Fi provider sees it. This means that VPN is all about security while surfing the internet. This is because when you go online and are sending and receiving data this data is at risk. This data usually remains open and any interested party can utilize it. This seems much crucial in case of businesses because the competitors always remain in search of your weaknesses and strengths.

Going online is just like travelling through a commercial plane because internet is a collection of millions of website that always interacts with one another to enable you search the page of your choice. These share your data with one another and leak your privacy. A VPN connects you to a proxy server and hides your original location and browsing history. Instead, your online destination sees this data coming from a VPN server and does not see your computer and location.