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Browsing the internet has never been as easy and secure as it has become nowadays. Thanks to VPN server technology that has saved individuals as well as businesses from data leakages. This is because individuals and businesses send and receive personal and sensitive data on daily basis. There are many VPN services available across the world each with different features. It is up to you to select the best VPN service for your personal as well as commercial use by keeping in view your personal and business needs. Moreover, your choice of a good VPN service may also be influenced by the features available with the VPN service you are going to opt.

ExpressVPN Voted Fastest VPN Service For 2019

ExpressVPN is one of the top VPN services available in the world with many attractive features. Most of the users prefer using this VPN because it is super fast, secure, and totally anonymous. ExpressVPN has always remained the first choice of the individuals and businesses due to its unbeatable performance while maintaining high security standards to give you competitive advantages over other leading businesses. There is no doubt that this VPN service stands out of the crowd when it comes to live streaming. Also, the quality of services and 24/7 available customer support make it a world class VPN service. Following are some of the prominent services offered by this VPN service:

  1.  Super fast Speed.
  2.  Strict Policy of no Logging.
  3.  Lots of Servers at Multiple Locations.
  4.  Available for Multiple Devices.
  5.  Based in Safe Jurisdiction.
  6.  Unmatched Privacy.
  7.  Strong Encryption.
  8.  Supports Torrenting.
  9.  Works with Netflix
  10.  TOR Compatibility.
  11.  24/7 Customer Support.
  12.  Free of IP or DNS Leaks.
  13.  Network Locking (Kill Switch)

1-Super Fast Speed

The very first and the most important feature of ExpressVPN is its super fast speed. It would be quite right to say that ExpressVPN is unmatchable in both download and upload speeds. If you get a 100Mbps connection, you will get download speed of almost 83.15Mbps. Only a few of VPN providers offer such download and upload speeds. Here, it is also important to mention that these download and upload speeds vary a little with the location of the servers. Almost, all the speed tests that I have conducted prove that ExpressVPN is one of the top speed VPN services.

ExpressVPN Voted Fastest VPN Service For 2019

2-Strict Policy of No Logging

Another very attractive feature of ExpressVPN is its strict no logging policy. You can use this server without fear of any tracking of data at any level. Even, ExpressVPN team cannot see your encrypted and hidden data. It is pertinent to mention that almost all VPN service providers claim the same thing but I have never found any strict policies. They keep the log files with tracking record. ExpressVPN only collects and records certain data that is mentioned on their website. This data includes apps and app versions, dates of connecting with the servers, choice of your location, and total MB’s of transferred data.

3-Lots of Servers at Multiple Locations

expressvpn servers
ExpressVPN stands out of the crowd in terms of servers and their locations. Latest data about it shows that there are 2000+ servers located in 94 countries and 148 cities across the world. The users can easily check the server’s location in real time.

4-Available for Multiple Devices

The true worth of any VPN server depends on the fact that it should be compatible with various operating systems being used across the world. ExpressVPN server is not behind others in this race as it is also available for multiple devices running different operating systems. You can connect this VPN server from any Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android device. This means that you can browse while on the go thanks to the applications of ExpressVPN.

5-Based in Safe Jurisdiction

Another reason behind large scale usage of ExpressVPN is its location in sun-kissed and almost tax free British Virgin Islands. This increases the trust of users that their identities are hidden from unwanted and malicious users. Moreover, the policies of the government where the server is based also affect the data security of the server subscribers. Also, there is no fear of any investigation against the server policies and terms of usage by the government.

6-Unmatched Privacy

ExpressVPN is preferred to all other VPNs because of its unmatched privacy. The users can easily change and hide their IP addresses. Its privacy policy is quite clear and detailed so that the users can read and act upon it for selection. The server does not keep the logging and browsing history, destination of traffic, data content, and even the DNS queries. There is a telemetery feature that clarifies to the user about the kind of data he can send. Here, one of the important functionality of ExpressVPN is that it allows the users to cancel sharing data at any time through client settings.

ExpressVPN Voted Fastest VPN Service For 2019

7-Strong Encryption

Advanced Encryption Standards are another very impressive feature of ExpressVPN. It uses AES-256 BIT encryption that protects user’s data from malicious users. CIA and FBI always use this encryption technology while transferring sensitive data. This means that you can choose ExpressVPN if you are conscious of security. Moreover, ExpressVPN uses various protocols like SSTP, L2Tp, and PPTP to keep your data safe. This feature proves helpful for those who require technical assistance.

8-Supports Torrenting

expressvpn torrentingSupport for torrenting is one of the major requirements of the people nowadays and ExpressVPN fulfills this requirement efficiently. ExpressVPN hides the user’s data even on uTorrent which means that it is not against torrenting. You will find no critical comments on Torrenting on the official page of the VPN server. I would call ExpressVPN uTorrent friendly because it offers unlimited bandwidth and quite impressive download speed. 

9-Works with Netflix

expressvpn protectNetflix has emerged as the need of the day over the past few years. This is because you can find every kind of videos, audios, and other such entertainment data on it. ExpressVPN once again takes the lead because it works with Netflix thereby enabling users to enjoy live streaming channels. It unblocks the Netflix’s security protocols and negates the procedures that it has laid down for the users. After personally using ExpressVPN, I can easily recommend it for the users who want to enjoy live streaming because their compatibility for this media platform is as they have advertised on their official page. Here, it would be quite right to say that all VPNs do not offer Netflix support as advertised and the users run into proxy errors while trying to live stream. Most of the ExpressVPN servers based in USA work quite perfectly with Netflix.

10-TOR Compatibility

ExpressVPN is also one of the most favorite VPNs because it provides additional security features by combining TOR network at its top. This not only increases the security of your data but also saves it from various vulnerabilities. By combining TOR network with VPN, all the traffic information from your PC to any other device is encrypted across different servers. This makes it impossible for the hackers to track your exact location. You can access TOR network through their official browser on various operating systems.

ExpressVPN Voted Fastest VPN Service For 2019

11-24/7 Customer Support

A good customer support is always necessary for any business to gain competitive advantage. In case of VPNs, it becomes further important due to technical issues in connectivity. ExpressVPN has a dedicated team of representatives who are always ready to help out the customers. ExpressVPN has 24/7 365 live chat feature that is considered the best customer support from any company. This does not mean that ExpressVPN lacks traditional support methods. Instead, it also features the old contact and email support system. In case of any serious issue, the users are directed to live chat support.

12-Free of Any IP or DNS leaks

I have never heard about any IP or DNS leakage from ExpressVPN which is another plus point of this VPN server. You can conduct various DNS, IP, and Wert tests to check address leakage. It resists virus attacks on your system and keeps it secure.

13-Network Locking (Kill Switch)

Like many other top rated VPNs, ExpressVPN is also equipped with network locking feature. It has kill switch that blocks all the websites or software that you were browsing. This blocking takes place when VPN connection is lost. This means that you are safe even after being disconnected from the VPN server. 


expressvpn pricing
After reading about all the features of ExpressVPN, we come to the pricing of this VPN server. ExpressVPN charges almost premium charges because it also offers premium features as compared to other VPN servers. Almost, all the plans of this VPN server come with 30 days money back guarantee. It can cost you $12.95 per month which perhaps the costliest of almost all VPN servers operating. Here, it is pertinent to mention that you can enjoy some concession by subscribing the six months and yearly plans. The half yearly plan will cost $9.99 per month and yearly plan is available at $8.32 per month. Although this still seems costlier as compared to free VPN services, yet the users forget this costliness when they really enjoy the peculiar features of this service. Following are the pros and cons of this service.

ExpressVPN Voted Fastest VPN Service For 2019


  • Offers good download as well as upload speed.
  • Lot of servers at various locations.
  • Strict no logging policy.
  • Supports Netflix and other live streaming platforms.
  • Available for various devices.
  • Unmatched privacy and security.
  • Live chat support available 24/7.
  • Equipped with kill switch.


  • Much costlier than other VPNs

Final Words

In the end, it would be quite right to say that most of the users recommend using this server because it offers bunch of attractive features that satisfy both the new and the old users. Safety and security are the most admirable features of this VPN service. Moreover, it is available at more locations across the world than any other VPN service. The availability on various devices is also another praised feature of expressvpn

ExpressVPN Voted Fastest VPN Service For 2019

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