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Discovery of the internet is the greatest of all the discoveries in 21st century. This is because it has revolutionized almost every walk of life. With the passage of time different online facilities are being incorporated in businesses to get competitive advantage. VPN service is also one such service that have contributed a lot in the success of various businesses. NordVPN is a Panama based virtual private network service that is in the VPN game for the last ten years. It has excelled all other virtual private networks by combining the innovative features with easy to use user interface. This virtual private network does not require location and allows the users to select the network server of their own choice.

Over the last few years, it has added hundred of servers to their network. This has increased the bandwidth of the server and distributed the better speed for all the users on its network. One of the most interesting things about this VPN service is that it is Panama based VPN service but has no offices there. Following are some of the top features of this VPN network.

  1. CyberSec
  2. Kill Switch
  3. Tor (Onion) Over VPN
  4. Double VPN
  5. Chrome Extension
  6. Dedicated IP Addresses
  7. Smart Play
  8. Great for Torrent and Netflix
  9. Available for Various Operating Systems

NordVPN Voted #1 Best VPN Service For 2019

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One of the most useful and touting features of NordVPN is the ‘CyberSec’ that was brought in the network in July 2017. This new feature has malicious sites filter and ad blocker. This means that NordVPN not only filters unknown malicious sites but also blocks ads by filtering the advertising domains on almost all the websites. This increases the loading speed of various pages by preventing all the internet connections from accessing such servers. It also analyzes various blacklisted public URL’s as many other servers do.

2-Kill Switch

kill switch nordvpnBy offering two different kill switches, NordVPN protects the users from de-anonymization and exposing of its regular traffic. There are two different kinds of kill switches available in this server. The Internet Kill Switch blocks all kinds of traffic when VPN service drops. The App Kill Switch closes all the applications when VPN service drops but does not block any traffic on the server. The users are recommended to use Internet Kill Switch for an increased protection because it does not display the IP addresses related with the users’ searches. A lot of testing of Internet Kill Switch has proved that it is quite handy when the users are not doing any activity on the VPN server.

3-Tor over VPN

tor over vpn nordvpnAnother very attractive feature of NordVPN is that it can be combined with Tor network to ensure the privacy. Tor networks are usually the slow network connections with a danger of IP address leakage. Also, the perfect privacy feature allows the users to connect to any server on their network. Currently, there are three NordVPN servers that exit onto the Tor network. These three servers are located in Netherlands, Sweden, and Latvia. My personal experience of this Tor over VPN is that it is much slower in speed. Here, it is important to mention that this slowness in speed is the problem of Tor network and not the issue of NordVPN servers.

4-Double VPN

double vpn nordvpnDouble VPN is also another unique feature of NordVPN server. This means that all your traffic is routed through second VPN server whenever you connect to a NordVPN server. This second VPN server manages all your traffic before it enters the wider internet. This, in turn, also increases the privacy protection by double encrypting the users’ data thereby slowing down the traffic speed on the network.

NordVPN Voted #1 Best VPN Service For 2019

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5-Chrome Extension

nordvpn browser extensionsThis is the latest feature added to NordVPN server in October 2017. This chrome extension allows all the subscribers to run all chrome browser traffic through encrypted proxies. This also helps the subscribers to bypass easily the geoblocking. It also enables the users to watch various online services without any fear of IP address leakages because of encrypted proxy.

6-Dedicated IP Addresses

NordVPN also provides the facility of getting dedicated IP addresses. At present, the dedicated IP addresses are available in three States of US, Germany, United Kingdom, and Netherlands. The users can purchase the dedicated/static IP addresses by contacting NordVPN support team. They will arrange a special IP location for that particular user and the user will have to add this location to his account. Although the costs for purchasing dedicated IP address are higher, yet the performance of the server makes it the users’ first choice.

7-Smart Play

NordVPN network is also not much behind in the race of making the world smart and digital. The Smart Play feature of NordVPN server enables the users to access more than 400 geo restricted live streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC, and much more. The availability of Netflix on NordVPN is perhaps the most appreciated feature of this VPN server nowadays because almost everything is available on this streaming platform.

8-Great For Torrent and Netflix
NordVPN has gained much importance since it has been offering support for live streaming platforms like Torrent and Netflix. Here, it is important to mention that previous versions of this server did not support these live streaming platforms. Instead, the users had to use special servers to watch live streaming channels. But now, NordVPN does not interfere with live streaming of Netflix and Torrent. I have not seen a single moment of Netflix blocking of VPN. Its smart play feature seems wonderful for live streaming.

NordVPN Voted #1 Best VPN Service For 2019

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9-Available for Various Operating Systems

nordvpn systemsAnother peculiar feature of NordVPN is that it is available for almost all operating systems. You can use it on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. One thing very interesting is that its user interface is almost same for all operating systems. The users can easily use it on their smart devices as well as PC’s. This makes it easy to use NordVPN while on the go. 


NordVPN server shows an impressive overall performance as compared to other VPN services. It shows a download speed of about 34.7 Mbps and an uploading speed of 16.8 Mbps. This means that its speed is 36% slower as compared to non VPN servers. The availability of many innovative features, however, increases the overall performance of the network while keeping the privacy at the top priority. The user interface of this network is also simple and easy to use. You can easily sign up without giving your credit/debit card details. You have to enter your email address while having the client. Nowadays, the chrome extension is also available for NordVPN server which makes it further easy to use.

The installation completes in matter of seconds and an icon appears in the system tray. It also displays many running processes and occupies 80-90MB RAM. The opening window displays all its locations while allowing the users to select the location of their own choice. The novice users can also use its Connection Wizard which guides them through to the process. The settings tab is also much effective in giving the users full control over the service. The application works both in minimized and maximized forms and can disable notifications if you do not need these.

There is also an advanced settings tab to select between UDP or TCP connections. You can also set your preferred DNS server through these advance settings tab. The user interface of NordVPN can also be customized and you can use kill switches to filter the websites as well as ads. Since the start of 2018, the speed and performance of NordVPN server has improved very much. I have done a lot of speed tests in 2017 and 2018 also that show much improvement in speed.


NordVPN always gives prime importance to security/privacy. The website operates on a ‘strict no log policy’ which means that they have to do nothing with the searches of their users. They even have no policy of tracking the IP addresses of the searches. This VPN server uses AES-256-GCM encryption which is considered much secure. It is this encryption that is used by Army in many countries of the world. It does not require much information except email address while signing up for the first time. NordVPN provides the users with contract that clearly states all the policies of the company without concealing even the minor details. The users have to avoid the things they are forbidden to do on this server. If all goes well, the company offers 99.9% uptime for the server.

NordVPN Voted #1 Best VPN Service For 2019

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nordvpn pricesSo far as the pricing is concerned, NordVPN also offers competitive prices. The users can choose between three pricing options the company is offering. These offers may also change from time to time. It costs $6.99 per month for one year plan, $9.00 per month for 6 months plan and these are $11.95 for one month plan. The company offers 30 days money back guarantee for all plans. Moreover, it also offers the facility of paying for the plans through various payment options. It accepts payment through credit/debit card, PayPal, and even Bitcoin. Here, one thing worth mentioning is that its cloud payment services store almost all the information related with payment.

NordVPN Voted #1 Best VPN Service For 2019

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Help and Support

NordVPN is also very popular VPN service in terms of 24 hours help and support available. The users can contact the service either through email or through live chat. Live Chat is available 24/7 for almost all the users. However, a new user may face some technicality issues while using the service. The response time of the live chat representatives is also minimal as compared to other services. Following are the pros and cons of NordVPN server.


  • User friendly interface.
  • Offers 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Provides the facility of Tor over VPN server.
  • Offers Double VPN facility.
  • 24/7 live chat and support available.
  • Has ad blocking and website filtering features.
  • High security and privacy features.
  • Supports smart play.
  • Accepts payments through various methods.


  • Costlier than many other VPN servers.
  • Variations in speed.

Final Word

After reading entire article, we can say that NordVPN service is a unique and top quality VPN service with many innovative and attractive features. The support for blocking geo-locations and enabling live streaming makes it an unmatched VPN service. With more than 5000 servers across 65 countries of the world, NordVPN service is quite useful for every kind of use.

NordVPN Voted #1 Best VPN Service For 2019

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