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Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology is known for improving the online experience and increasing the online confidentiality of the individuals. This means that VPN technology helps people to browse internet while maintaining privacy and security. Nowadays, people are using this technology to access the restricted websites and data which otherwise would never been easy to access. In other words, we can also say that VPNs have provided the internet freedom to the people. In the beginning, VPNs were frequently used by businesses or organizations to share necessary information and data with their employees as well as clients. But due to its privacy and security features, it has become the first choice of individuals who send and receive sensitive data frequently.

PrivateVPN is a Stockholm; Sweden based VPN service that was launched in 2009. As the name suggests, most of the people think that PrivateVPN would integrate excellent privacy and standard security features. PrivateVPN is improving in ranking with the passage of time. Availability for six simultaneous connections, no log policy, and top browsing speeds are some of the admired features of this VPN service. Following are the top features of this VPN service:

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  1. Easy Installation and Usage.
  2. Top Security.
  3. High Quality Network Servers.
  4. Privacy
  5. Kill Switch
  6. Availability for Various Operating Systems.
  7. Remote Control Available.
  8. Zero Logging Policy.
  9. Convenient Customer Support.
  10. Compatible with Torrenting.
  11. Perfect for Netflix.
  12. Inexpensive.

1-Easy Installation and Usage

The first and the most attractive feature of PrivateVPN is that it is quite easy to install and use. The installation guide is available on the home page which makes it easy to install this VPN on any device. The registration process of this VPN service is not at all long. The users can complete their registration by entering their email address, location, and setting up a password. For usage you have to download and install it. Once it is installed, you can launch and use it. The launching screen shows email and password bars and you can log in after entering your correct username and password. After logging in a new window displays list of servers and there are two separate tabs for logging out and advanced usage. You can choose the server and hit connect tab for connecting. Clicking the advanced tab will show user dashboard, settings, and connection guard options. You will also find the remaining subscription days of your package on that window.

2-Top Security

PrivateVPN service is also known across the world for its top security. It uses the world class encryption AES-256 cipher, and RSA-2048 handshake, and HMAC SHA-256. There are also 2048-DHE keys that provide Perfect Forward Secrecy. There are also many encryption protocols available with this server. One of those protocols is PPTP which is not recommended for advanced security features. I will suggest you to use other protocols especially OpenVPN protocols for top level security. These include L2TP, IPSec, IKEv2, HTTP Proxy, and OpenVPN (UDP and TCP). Here, it is important to mention that PrivateVPN does not handle DNS data leak protection requests through its own servers. Instead, the users have to set up DNS manually. You can consult the PrivateVPN guide and can contact their live chat support for setting up DNS.

3-High Quality Network Servers

PrivateVPN is also highly used VPN service because high quality servers are connected with this service. It is due to these servers that it offers top speed both for downloading as well as uploading of data and information. It purchases internet capacity directly from IP transit provider which kills the need of middlemen in this network and offers great speed.

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Privacy is also one of the most important feature looked for in a VPN service. PrivateVPN has to face various issues regarding the privacy because of Swedish laws. But due to amendments in these laws from time to time and decision of EU court of Justice in 2016, PrivateVPN is quite confident of its zero log policy. This is why the number of users of this VPN service has increased over the past few years. The PrivateVPN team says that they prefer to stay in Sweden because they have full access to data center to control their routers.

5-Kill Switch

Like many other top VPNs, PrivateVPN server is also equipped with kill switch which is enabled by default. Therefore, it blocks the internet traffic whenever the connection drops. This means that your data remains secure in PrivateVPN. You can manually enable and disable this feature through connection guard screen by clicking the on and off button. PrivateVPN lacks app kill switch however.

6-Availability for Various Operating Systems

PrivateVPN is also the favorite VPN service of many users because it is compatible with almost all the operating systems being used in different parts of the world. Also, you can install and use it on your Android and iOS devices. PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android are the operating systems that can work with PrivateVPN efficiently. Here, one thing worth mentioning is that this VPN server can work on six devices simultaneously. This makes it preferable to many other VPN services that only provide the connection limit of two or three devices. Along with connection limit of up to six devices, PrivateVPN can also be connected with various routers.

7-Remote Control Available

One of the unique features exclusive to this VPN is that it can be installed by customer support team. This means that you can contact the support team in case of any technical issues in installation. But, this is possible only if you grant permission to the support representative to install this VPN remotely. I think this may not be needed as the installation process of PrivateVPN is quite easy and understandable. Moreover, you can also use this feature for general maintenance. The support team can solve almost every issue through teamviewer. You can consult PrivateVPN remote control set up guide for using this feature.

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8-Zero Logging Policy

Zero logging policy is another very attractive feature of this VPN service. Although Sweden is not an ideal country for VPN service, yet the company maintains the strict zero logging policy. It has been noted that PrivateVPN has never been able to provide the customers’ data to the government whenever it needed. This shows that they act upon no logging policy. Earlier, it was not fully practiced. But, recent developments and the decision of Eu court of justice has discouraged this log keeping policy and considered it against the law. PrivateVPN keeps the 100% record of keeping the privacy of the clients. The company even plans to move out of Sweden if at any stage they have to compromise over their logging policy.

9-Convenient Customer Support

If you want quick and convenient customer support, PrivateVPN service should be your first choice because it offers both ticketing and online chat features to its customers. You can get ticket by submitting your name, email address, and the problem you are facing. There is live support button in the top left hand corner and a bubble button for ticketing support on the right bottom of the homepage. Although live chat method is available 24/7, yet ticketing method is more easy and practicable. The response time of the support is also great and mostly they meet the expectations of the customers.

10-Compatible with Torrenting

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The success of any VPN service depends on its ability to offer torrenting and PrivateVPN is not behind others in this race. I have found it compatible with torrenting. All the servers of PrivateVPN are torrenting and P2P friendly. This ability minimizes their slowness and maximizes their efficiency. PrivateVPN shows a speed of 220Mbps which is surely top speed along with keeping zero log policy. It would be quite right to say that PrivateVPN should always be the first choice of Torrent and Kodi users.

11-Perfect for Netflix

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PrivateVPN has always remained the first choice of the persons fond of a host of major streaming sites. Each server of PrivateVPN service offers quick and easy access to online streaming platforms like Netflix. Moreover, the servers are quite labeled and the users need not waste their time in searching for the server that supports online streaming. At present 3 US and 2 UK servers are offering services for Netflix live streaming. Also, same is the case with other streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer for which separate servers are specified at various locations. The users can use these servers by changing their own location.

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Lastly, the pricing of PrivateVPN is also another feature that attracts many users to use its services. There is $4.15 yearly plan too which is almost one of the cheapest rates for any VPN server. They also offer various discounts from time to time. I also availed a 25% discount when subscribed to its services. Almost, all the plans have similar kinds of features making it easy for the users to select their ideal plan. The one month plan is available at $7.67 per month while the price for 3 months plan is $5.25 per month.


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Following are the pros and cons of using PrivateVPN service:


  • Absolute zero logging policy.
  • Easy, quick, and user friendly user-interface.
  • Compatible with all devices and operating systems.
  • Offers AES-256 encryption keys along with OpenVPN.
  • Fast speed.
  • Offers 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Have servers in almost 60 countries worldwide.
  • 24/7 customer support available.
  • Offers great privacy and security features.
  • Cheapest of many VPN servers.


  • Number of servers is much less than other VPNs.
  • Sometimes live chat support representatives are not available.

Final Word

After reading the entire article, we can easily say that PrivateVPN service is one of the best VPN services available across the world. Not only it provides great security and privacy, but also offers greatest speeds. Zero logging policy and cheap packages also make this VPN the best choice of many people. The PrivateVPN allows the connection of six simultaneous devices which makes its use quite easy on the go. The user-interface is almost same on all the devices and platforms which is also a compliment to its success.

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